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City & Guilds 6317 - TAQA Course FAQs
City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) (QCF)

Q. Why do I have to attend the training facility in Derby, initially for one day?
A. The one day classroom training for your TAQA Assessor Award includes your course instruction and induction to the qualification. You will also begin to work towards the knowledge based unit 301: Understanding the Principles of Assessment

Q. What are the timings for the one day course in Derby and the dress code?
A. All course details will be confirmed in your joining instruction which will be sent to you prior to commencement of the course. The start time is normally 0800 – 1600 hrs. Dress code is smart but casual.

Q. Do I need to bring a laptop or other items to the one day course in Derby?
A. A laptop isn’t essential but you may bring one if you wish. Pens and paper for you to make notes. A learner handbook will be emailed to you with your joining information and you should print this off and bring it with you to the course. You will also need to bring 1 x passport sized colour photograph and a photographic form of ID – City & Guilds require this from all their candidates.

Q. Why can’t the TAQA / CAVA be done online or by distance learning?
A. The qualification requires guided learning hours (GLH) with the tutor/assessor. An element of this is through online learning and we do give this support. However, due to the nature of the qualification there is a requirement for one to one contact in a non-online environment.

Q. Is there any pre-course study and if so what is it and how long will it take to complete?
A. An initial assessment and skill scan needs to be completed – this is included with your joining instructions - you should complete this and bring it with you to the course. This will help the tutor/assessor ascertain your prior learning and that you are entering and working at the appropriate level on the course. It should not take more than 1 hour of your time.

Q. For what types of jobs are assessing activities for Units 2 & 3 designed?
A. Unit 302 relates to assessing competence within the work environment (occupational). Unit 303 relates to assessing competence within the classroom, learning based environment (vocational).

Q. How will each of the workplace assessments be conducted and by whom?
A. The assessment will be conducted by the tutor/assessor who will have previously planned with you in the form of an action plan the task to be performed, and what activities the learner needs to complete to demonstrate skills and knowledge to meet the performance criteria. This will be in the form of observation although additional evidence can also be submitted.

Q. When will I know I am ready to undertake the workplace assessments?
A. Your tutor/assessor will plan and discuss with you when they feel that you are competent and ready to be assessed performing the task required to meet the assessment criteria. Assessment will only take place once training has occurred.

Q. Are there any additional costs to pay for the workplace assessment visits and if so how much?
A. A mileage cost may be incurred.

Q. Is there study / work required before the pre-assessment visit and how long will it take?
A. An assessment plan will have been agreed between you and your tutor/assessor. Additional work may be required depending on the skills and knowledge that needs to be gained prior to the assessment taking place.

Q. Will there be any follow up work required post assessment visit?
A. Some additional work may be required after the assessment to prove skills and knowledge if areas of the performance criteria were not met during the planned assessment. Your tutor/assessor may also ask you questions, to fill any gaps to help complete the assessment.

Q. How long will each assessment visit last?
A. Depends on the assessment plan and availability but usually about 1 hour.

Q. How many assessment visits are required?
A. It depends on whether you are doing an award or the certificate but there are a minimum of four assessment visits required.

Q. How will I know I have passed?
A. Your tutor/assessor will track your learning and review your progress. They will discuss with you what stage of learning you have reached and what is required of you to complete the performance criteria so that you may gain your qualification.

Q. Can I delay the assessment visits and for how long?
A. Discuss with your tutor/assessor if you feel that you require longer to prepare for your assessment or you feel you require further training. Your registration is valid for 3 years but any evidence is only valid for 2 years. Your tutor/assessor is there to help and support you and guide you through your learning journey.

Q. Why does it cost more to take all 3 units?
A. Because on completion you will be awarded two awards and a certificate in assessing and there is an additional charge for the certificate qualification.

Q. Is there a method by which I can become an Internal / External Verifier?
A. Once you have completed all 3 units of your assessor award you may attend an Internal Quality Assurance course. You will need to be in an IQA role to gather the evidence for this award. For EQA role you would need to be employed by an awarding body as an EQA.

Q. What types of jobs / awards will I be able to assess?
A. You will be able to become an assessor in your own area of competency once you have completed your assessor qualification.

Q. At what level will I be able to assess in the National Framework (e.g. Level 2 / 3)?
A. It depends on the qualification, awarding body and your employer but as a rule of thumb if you hold a level 4 qualification in your subject specialism you can usually assess at level 3.

Q. What material / written support will I get during the assessment phase?
A. Your tutor/assessor will provide hand-outs, question papers etc. and access to the City & Guilds SMART Screen. Feedback on how the assessment went and the criteria that was fulfilled during the assessment will be given to you along with any areas where further training is required. The tutor/assessor may be able to fill gaps that were not observed by assessment by questioning you and recording your answers – this affirms knowledge and is an acceptable form of assessment.

Q. Is there any on-line support or discussion forum available 24 / 7 during the assessment phase?
A. This will be arranged between you and your tutor/assessor.

Q. How many assessment candidates must I provide during each assessment event?
A. You as the candidate assessor need to assess two learners on two occasions in the work environment (Unit 302, Occupational) and two other learners for Unit 303 (Vocational).

Q. How long does each assessment take?
A. The planned assessment will be discussed between yourself and your tutor/assessor. The planned assessment task must be completed within a realistic time to the length it would normally take to perform.

Q. Is there any time limit within which all my assessments events must be completed?
A. Your registration is valid for 3 years but any evidence is only valid for 2 years.

Q. How long after completion of the assessment events will I get my award / certificate?
A. On completion your tutor/assessor will mark your portfolio and the internal quality assurance process has to then be completed. You will usually receive your certificate within 2 – 3 weeks.

Q. Do you provide an outline scheme of the paperwork or portfolio I need to complete?
A. You will be given access to appropriate resources and information to help you compile your portfolio.

Q. If I have a work companion can we ‘assess’ each other for the purpose of an assessment event?
A. These assessments can only be submitted as witness statements. The only assessments that are valid are those carried out by a registered assessor with HZL.

Q. Can you provide any funding towards my costs?
A. No we are not in a position to provide funding.

Q. Will my award / certificate be from City & Guilds?
A. Yes

Q. Is it possible to fail the course?
A. You must fully complete the course and submit all of your work to the required standard. As long as you work with your tutor/assessor and gather the evidence to meet the performance criteria required to complete the qualification there is no reason why you would not achieve your City & Guilds Assessor Award.

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